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Artist & Designer

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Paige Smith is a graphic designer, installation artist, and product designer.  She is responsible for the international street art project, Urban Geode.  And is the co-founder and creative director of VereVerto, a convertible leather handbag company.

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Smith is also a graphic designer working for over a decade—specializing in web, print design, and branding small businesses.

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Urban Geode is a street art project, inspired from quiet, modest tucked
away spaces which transform our landscape into newly imagined spaces.

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Beauty in the Mundane

Smith’s installations are like hidden gems sprinkled across the world that invite us to actually look, to be playful and to participate in a glorious and global treasure hunt. She fabricates her works out of manmade materials and places them in site specific urban spaces, the choice of materials and subject matter concurrently signal the tension between nature and industry and celebrates the beauty of urban space. Her work is infused with a magical realism that encourages us to pause, to discover, to be present and find beauty in the mundane.


VereVerto is a multifunctional handbag brand focused on
function and comfort in unison with style and quality.

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Creative Director

From 2013 to 2019, VereVerto grew into a well-known LA handbag brand. The bags were hand-crafted in the south of Spain, in a town that has been developing leather work since the early 19th century; we worked directly with these aficionados to bring you classic styles with new functionality. Smith is responsible for the creative work of VereVerto—from designing the product to the website to marketing materials for market buyers and consumers.

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